Little fractal tree generator I made for the Proc Game Jam!

Controls are "Generate New" to generate a new tree "Check Box" to scroll trough a whole bunch of trees. Put the generator in fullscreen mode to start generating!

I hope you like it!!

Lemme know what you think in the comment section as well as sharing your favourite tree generation!


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This is my favorite one so far. 

Thanks for sharing!

its a cool generator, i like those designs but Id like the number of main branches to change to see more variety of trees.

Thanks, I will absolutely have a try at that thanks for the suggestion!

Also If you can post your favourite tree to date that would be great!

Well I cant choose a single tree, I like all designs lol 

but if i should choose one ill choose this kind of tree:

i like how the leaves goes down as if there was gravity

good job, my respects.